Saturday, May 8, 2010

Friday, May 7, 2010

Holga 120 CFN - Features and Accessories

Accessories: All purchase brought on by reviewers on Amazon. I got the filter adapter and color filter set. I also got the 35mm film adapter kit for those times I may want to use 35 mm film. This Holga is built to use 120 film (which I have never used before).

Features: This Holga version I got is the CFN version--color flash with the camera, so I had to install two AA batteries inside. The flash has a white default, then you can turn the wheel to use red, yellow, or blue flash. I have never used any of these flash options before.

Film: I got a 3-pack of 120 film in black and white and a 3-pack of 35 mm film, ISO 100 in color. Both brands of film are from Lomography.

My Holga 120 CFN

My Holga arrived today. At first, I had the feeling of "disappointment" that well, it's not the DSLR that I had dreamed about. Well, I made this choice. To choose a camera as far away from a DSLR as possible. I went analogue. And the best part of this is that, the price is as far away from a DSLR as possible, too!

Interestingly enough, I read about lomography when I was on a digital photography website. Turns out, folks who take photos with their digicams alter the pictures using Photoshop to get the old lomo look. So, it was suggested by a reader to get the full, unaltered effect just by getting a cheap lomo camera. Thus my search for an analogue camera began. Amazon was a site I did most my research. And you know how they indicate who the supplier is? That's how I found Adorama. They are based in New York city, but will ship orders. I ordered this camera with a few accessories online.

I read about lomography last year but never did anything about it. I thought, "Cool. Cheap. Maybe if I run into it, I will give it a try." Well, I purchased this Holga now through Adorama because I simply cannot afford a DSLR (albeit my salivating over wanting them for it's pro-looking photos) and after taking the DSLR for a test drive at the electronics store, I feared I would aggrevate my carpal tunnel. Those DSLRs are heavy!

So, now I'm excited. I don't know how to use this plastic thing. I don't know what I will get. I will hope for the best.